Ikebana Exhibition, Summer 2013

>>  8/08/2013

Within a big event, a floristic festival called Flowers of Sakhalin 2013, Sakhalin school of Ikebana Sogetsu presents Ikebana displays made by masters and students. Beign a student of the school I participate in the exhibition with two Ikebana arrangements. 

The festival will last from 8 to 11 of August, 2013. If you stay on Sakhalin on the dates, come to see the beautiful event.
Place: The museum of Chekhov's Sakhalin Island book
Ikebana exhibition on the 1st floor
Floristic exhibition on the 2nd floor
Time: 10-00 to 18-00, August 8-11, 2013
Free admittance.

This year I did one table arangement and one large installation with seasonal plants. 
I wrote before about sakhalin bamboo plant wich I use for my carving arrangements. Now you can see it in my Ikebana installation. 
 I also used lilly flowers, tall ribbon grass and pumpkin leaves in this arrangement. The flowers and pumpkin plant were taken from my mom's garden. The bamboo and the ribbon grass were found in the forest not far from my house. 

The idea of my arrangements is to show a beauty of simple plants which express a nature of my island. 

ikebana arrangement with north bamboo
The Ikebana installation with sakhalin bamboo, yellow lillies and pumpkin leaves.

flowers of sakhalin festival 2013
Ikebana installation with Sakhalin seasonal plants.
Today I saw after visitors at the exhibition.
This Ikebana made people stop and discuss it. 

The table arrangement is made in a vase. 
yellow lilly,
dill and iris leaf,
pumpkin's vine with tiny pumpkins.

ikebana sogetsu exhibition 2013
Table Ikebana in a vase
ikebana sogetsu exhibition 2013

Collecting materials in the forest

sakhalin bamboo
Sakhalin bamboo
I like to use this plant for my work:
Beach Wedding 
Eco-Fashion Show

north bamboo
cutting plants, a day before the exhibition

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Amila Wickramarachchi August 11, 2013 at 7:10 AM  

Nice arrangements,Love the table arrangement much...

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