1 Year Birthday Party, Christmas Theme. Fruit Santa, Fruit Christmas Tree and Macaron Towers.

>>  12/10/2012

Last weekend I was asked to make fruit and sweet displays in Christmas theme for 1 year birthday party.
I must say that we have no customs for sweet tables yet here in Sakhalin. The sweet industry is not developed well and it is difficult to find all the sweets, candy and cake pops to organize a sweet buffet. 

After talking with a client we deciced on a large fruit tower to the chocolate fountains, sweet macaron towers and some Christmas fruit sculptures

The party was held in a restaurant with about 150 guests including children. The sweet table was organized in a special zone there children could have fun, being face painted and enjoying the games while adults were enjoying their meal. 

Christmas Theme Birthday Party

Fruit tower 
height 70 cm
the base diameter 35 cm

Macaron towers
height 40 cm
base diameter 16 cm
85 macarons for 1 tower.

birthday party christmas theme
Fruit tower and macaroni tower

fruit christmas tower macaron tower fruit sculpure for kids
Fruit buffet and sweet towers, chocolate fountains come later

Fruit sculptures for kids:
Fruit Santa in Sled
Orange Baby Penguins

christmas fruit buffet
Fruit Santa in Sled and Orange Penguins

orange carving baby penguins
Cute Baby Penguins out of oranges

christmas theme birthday sweet table
Macaron tower

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sofía December 11, 2012 at 5:02 AM  

PRECIOSO, es todo expectacular. Saludos y Feliz Navidad.

Unknown October 16, 2013 at 5:04 AM  

Christmas is a time of celebration. Throughout the year we wait for this day. It is really great to have fun at Christmas parties.

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